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Latest Company Updates

Staff Meeting 01-04-2016

Points from meeting

  • No safety concerns were raised only precautions noted moving forward
  • Office area cleanliness and foot wear concerns were agreed
    • If required, SI will assist with another clean pair of foot wear so that all have a working pair which will be changed from on the job and off the job keeping the office, vehicles and customer spares clean – with a more professional image.
    • All to review documentation left on new MEZ as I cannot determine who it belongs to by the 10th April
  • Workshop
    • Is not a dumping ground
    • Dale is not responsible for others items although may be able to assist if notified at the time
    • ALL return liquids must be labelled and dated clearly EVERYTIME
    • The above will now be Policed as it has not been happening with plenties applied
  • Timesheets
    • ALL SI employees (excluding Michelle) will complete daily timesheets accounting for the 8hrs and any OT claims from the 29th March
    • Your Windows outlook will be used until further notice
    • Sam will role the additional requirements out individually within the in next two weeks
    • All work period / time must have Job number from Michelle or Service M8 etc. used with a description  (NO general comments like workshop (what were you doing in the workshop EG – Clean up after CRN17 Pump rebuild, Sweep floor  ) or Office (whet were you doing in the office EG – order parts for OP3 etc.)
  • Len requested a TOTAL list of each individual jobs and outstanding works ASAP
    • Len understands that some people did not attend the meeting and these lists still need to be done on their return (Michelle is excluded from this requirement)
  • Len trip information is on return emails and Michelle has all other information required
  • New Jobs
    • Collins Place
    • 313
    • Melbourne Central

New Office Setup

To all,

As we are now in the setup phase of the up stair offices, I need the following works done by each person, so that the final stage can be implemented ASAP. Clean your areas, achieve your paper work into file boxes with excel referencing and labeling and bin items that are backup.

  • Desks
  • Filing
  • Spare, old devices, new equipment and just things you would like to keep need to find a home on the new mezzanine area in labelled boxes, etc.

This includes the down stair areas and compactus.

All to be done by the end of May.


Len Newstead

Extranet OneDrive Folder Access

Login into your Onedrive account (use your work email address and password), or create an account if you don’t have one. Once you have your account and are logged in click this link:

Extranet OneDrive Folder

Then choose the “Add to my OneDrive” option at the top of the browser window.

If you are concerned about storage space on you PC you can choose not to sync the folder on your PC but all file uploads will need to be via OneDrive in your internet browser.