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Generator Control and Synchronising Panels

During our 20+ years of industry experience in generator control systems and associated services Systems Insight has developed standard configurable generator control panels. These panels include an advance generator paralleling control system installed in a ruggedised control cubicle for each generator set, plus basic engine sensors and engine wiring looms.


Our generator control panels have primarily been designed for use with multiple, paralleled generators. However, a single control panel can also be employed in stand-alone applications. These applications include standby emergency power in the event of utility mains failure and for parallel operation of diesel or generators with the utility mains or in island mode applications.

These packages are suitable for use with standard engine generator sets supplied by most major manufacturers and can usually be installed with or without the manufacturer’s own proprietary control panel.


The primary control and monitoring unit integrated with the control panels is currently the easYgen 3000 ™ series controller, supplied by Woodward. This device is a self-contained, microprocessor based, generator load control and engine management unit. When used for multiple generator set installations, easYgen ™ controllers can be networked to automatically control up to 32 paralleled generator sets.

Along with the paralleling control function the system will also provide dynamic generator voltage control regulating the alternator voltage based on demand via an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator). Some of the other functions included in this system are:

  • Master or Slave control capability
  • Peak shaving operation
  • Stand-by operation
  • AMF operation
  • Co-generation (CHP)
  • Islanded & mains parallel operation
  • Load sharing and load-dependent start/stop for up to 32 units
  • Import/export control
  • Open/closed transition
  • CAN open / J1939 ECU Control
  • Free configurable alarms and texts
  • Fast configuration by partial setting files
  • Dynamic mains stabilization (as per BDEW)
  • Adjustable vector groups for synchronization

Complete Turn-Key Solution

Systems Insight can also arrange full installation of the control system by one of our experienced electrical contractors, providing complete ‘turn-key’ solution.