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Generator Master Control Panels

Where project size and complexity demand, our Generator Master Control Panels are available. Our Generator Master Control Panels can be used either as an extension to our standard generator control package or as a stand-alone panel. The Master control cubicle provides a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for intelligent supervisory control of standby or prime power generators, power distribution and shared ancillary equipment. The Master Control system is fully self contained and is powered from its own 24V DC battery power supply.

Features include mains fail start of generators, select-able duty cycling for multiple generators, intelligent power distribution control (e.g.: load shedding & sequential load staging) and management of fuel transfer and storage systems. In particular, the Master Control system is programmed to provide extensive monitoring and control of power reticulation by interface to external power transfer switches, multi-function meters, mechanical and building management systems, elevator systems and load shed devices in switchboards.

This capability enables controlled load shedding on mains failure and sequential re-connection of customer loads to generator supply according to generator capacity and priorities that are specified by the customer.

Generator Master Control Panels are ideally suited to projects which require a tailored solution for reliable management of emergency power reticulation and supervision of the total generator plant and ancillary equipment.

Generator Master Control Panels