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Systems Insight offers a wide range of products and services relating to power generation systems. Our solutions range from the supply of generator maintenance services through to the design, implementation and commissioning of complex multi generator or load management systems.

When it comes to power generation systems there is no job too complex, so please contact us now to discuss  how we can assist you with your existing or proposed system.


Our standard designs employ the most important and unique features and inclusions, which are derived from our collective experience in the industry over the last 20 years.

Technologies in our industry are constantly changing. We embrace and utilize new products and technologies based on their suitability to the application and to maximize both cost and operating efficiencies for the customer.

We emphasize the use of high quality brand-name components and robust manufacture. Our designs consider attention to detail, with easy to follow wiring diagrams, site cabling schedules and instructions for site installation.

Our designs are not static, changing as technology advances and customer requirements change. We are continually developing our range of standard pre-engineered control packages. We are also able to offer significantly lower pricing for these standard packages, in comparison to similar tailored systems.