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Generator Load Management System - Liberty Place NSW

Generator Load Management System – Liberty Place, NSW

Liberty Place, 161 Castlereagh St, Sydney, NSW

Design, Supply and Commission a New Generator Load Management System

Systems Insight designed, supplied and commissioned a generator load management system with the use of a ‘Generator Master Panel’ system. This system automatically operates two 1.1 Mega-Watt, Cummins, diesel standby generators in the event that utility mains failure is detected.

The Generator Master Panel controls the starting and synchronization of the two generators for parallel operation. The control and monitoring is achieved with the use of a Schneider Modicon M340 series programmable logic controller (PLC). Visualization and a user interface is provided by a Schneider Magelis 15 inch HMI panel.

In addition, a Diesel fuel management control panel was supplied to automatically replenish the consumed diesel fuel. Furthermore, a Ventilation Fan control panel and a Mains Failure detection panel were also supplied for this project.